Club Rules

Long Reach Lake Wakeboard & Waterski Club


Club Rules

Following announcements from the government the committee have taken the unanimous decision to open the lake following changes in Government guidelines, however all members must follow Government Social Distancing guidelines and take note of the following:

  • The Lake will open on Saturday 16th May 2020
  • The Clubhouse and changing facilities will remain closed, we are only open for use of the lake
  • All members should bring sanitiser to sanitiser any surfaces touched (including slipway lock)
  • The first aid kit will remain in the equipment store which is accessible for emergency use only
  • The Driver must have a competent spotter in accordance with Social Distancing
  • Those not observing Social Distancing guidelines will be asked to leave
  • Please follow government guidelines and signs at the lake
  • Signing in will be available via Whatsapp or sending  text to Jamie (07831672111) (please state Names in attendance and LR number)

Due to the unprecedented situation and the impact on many of our incomes, the committee have also taken the decision to reduce membership fees by 50% for 2020, those who have already paid are advised to contact our Treasurer Rob Allen.

Please stay safe and observe the rules.

In this changing environment we may of course need to make further changes in future

Kind Regards

Jamie, Matt, David Jeff & Rob

  1. The water ski circuit is defined by the map displayed on the clubhouse noticeboard.
  2. The club will promote the membership to a maximum of 25 full time boats and 5 weekday boats, the limit to be decided by the Committee.
  3. All members must have valid insurance to a level of £2,000,000 third party insurance.
  4. All members and guests must be signed in before using the facility.
  5. Members bringing any guest who is 18 or over who uses the water must pay a £10 guest fee, under 18’s pay a £5 guest fee which should be paid by cheque or cash and left with a committee member or put in the box. Note that as soon as the guest touches the water then the fee is payable.
  6. Members, guests and pets are not allowed to swim in the lake, unless in a designated swimming area.
  7. Dogs are not permitted in the clubhouse and must remain on a lead. Owners should respect other users and not bring dogs that are noisy or aggressive.
  8. The boat owning Club member or syndicate Club member must be present at all times, and is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests and for the considerate use of the boat. Boat owners must display the membership validation sticker on their boat.
  9. Guests are not allowed to drive boats (even if they hold a RYA or SBDA).
  10. Membership is non-transferable. It is the duty of the club member to collect guest fees and ensure the ‘Signing-in’ book has been completed for all members and guests.
  11. All boats will be scrutinised for safety before being allowed on the water on a yearly basis.
  12. Note that your water sports club membership gives you no fishing rights.
  13. Anyone wishing to drive a boat on the lake must take the club competency check.
  14. Jet Skis are not allowed at the club.
  15. LPG users must follow the specific rules for the safe operation of the LPG system.
  16. LPG is only to be used in vehicles not used on public Highways, in accordance with HMRC use.
  17. Any members seen to be causing disruption to the membership of the lake on or off the water or premises may be asked to leave the premises and have membership suspended or excluded at the discression of the committee following a three strike process:
    1. A verbal warning may be given by any committee member
    2. A written warning is issued by the committee
    3. Members must present themselves to the committee for a decision on appropriate action, inclusion suspension or exclusion from the premises and membership.
  18. Any segmentation or conflicts portrayed created or portrayed by individuals, or groups of the membership will not be tolerated, this includes and verbal, written comments, as well as comments on social media. The same three strike process as in article 17 above will be followed.
  19. Members allow the committee of Longreach Lake to use and hold personal data such as Name, Address and contact details to aid in the administration of Longreach Lake and communicate with members. Data will be held in compliance with GDPR and further details are available on request.
  1. All drivers are to follow the clockwise rotation as indicated on appendix 1 unless only one boat is present. Boats must remain outside the slalom course buoys at all times and pass on the inside of the 2 small islands.
  2. A maximum of 3 boats are permitted on the water at any time. Each ‘turn’ is to be a maximum 10-minute session, unless there are NO people waiting to come out. If a member wishes to use the lake for solo use, he/she is to do this with the permission of other users. Consecutive solo boat use is to be restricted to alternate use with regular users, unless prior permission has been sought. If in doubt, the 3-boat rule takes precedence. The next lake user is to make his/her intentions clear that they wish to use the lake by sitting at the floating jetty. If you are using the water and see the next user at the starting platform/jetty then you must come in if you have completed your 10 minute session UNLESS there are only 2 boats out and the 3 boat rule is in force.
  3. When 2 or more boats are towing at different speeds then the boat approaching the slower boat must make an early safe turn to minimise the risk of contact to skiers or boarders
  4.  No boats on the water before sunrise or after sunset.
  5.  All people on the water (skiing or in the boat) must wear life jackets, there are no exceptions.
  6. No standing in boats unless the boat is stationary and you are rope handling, recovering a person, ski or water toy.
  7.  No refuelling on the water.
  8. Skiing/boarding must start at the end of the floating jetty or in deep water, and must follow the course as shown on Appendix 1.  No boats are allowed behind the two islands on the right hand side of the lake.
  9.  All incoming skiers/boarders must land at the plastic floating pontoon.
  10.  All users within the jetty bay must be at trundle speed ensuring no wake is caused to the other boats.
  11.  There are to be no more than a maximum of 3 boats on the circuit at any one time.  If a boat is using a toy/ringo/banana, this number is to reduce to 2.
  12.  All boats must carry a competent observer in addition to the driver.  Observers must not be younger than 12 years of age.
  13.  Boats starting off must give precedence to the boats already on the circuit or in the slalom course.
  14.  All boats must carry an “Observation Flag” of 1ft square material on a minimum 2ft pole to be hoisted when coming to rest or stationary (e.g. picking up a fallen skier or pulling in a ski rope).  The flag should be waved if assistance is required. In the event of an emergency, the club address is LRLWSC, Harrison Way, St Ives, Cambs, PE27 4YA.
  15.  The Club expects all boat drivers not to consume alcohol to a limit beyond the legal requirement for driving a car. If anyone is suspected of contravening this rule then further action may be taken and membership could be cancelled.
  16. Boats must be operated in accordance with the British Water Ski & Wakeboard (BWSW) Ski Boat Driver Award (SBDA) manual.
  17. Slalom course
    1. Do not enter the course if the last skier to enter has not cleared from the exit.
    2. When a skier falls, do not turn with your rope out in the course.  Either stop, recover your rope, then recover your skier or proceed through the exit, turn right to recover your rope and go through the entrance to collect your skier.
    3. The slalom course is for slalom skiing only.  Other boats must pass either side of the course, not through it, but no closer than 3 metres to the bank.
    4. Anti-clockwise (through and back down) use of the slalom course is only permissible if no other boat is using the lake.  This must be agreed with other boat users first and this type of use must be alternated with regular users.
  18. No boat is to follow another at less than 50 yards distance.
  19. Skiers dropping a ski should drop it between the start and the first corner, as near to the bank as possible.
  20. At the end of a ski tow after the skier has been dropped, the boat must go immediately to the recovery area and pull in the ski-rope ASAP. If the launch ramp is occupied with a boat then the driver must make another circuit or drop the skier in a safe area where they can be recovered.
  21. Drivers should always use flag/hand signals to make their intentions clear.
  22. Toys are allowed on the water (rings, sausages etc), but their use restricts the number of boats on the water to 2. Users should take the views of other lake users into account by minimising their use when the attendance on the day is high. Members who tow 2 or more toys simultaneously must ensure that ALL tow ropes are of equal length; this is to prevent one toy crossing the path of the other tow line and causing injury. The boat driver must not operate above the max speed limit for the toy being used.
  23. All boat drivers must fit the ‘Kill Switch Lanyard’ to ensure that in the event of an incident the boat engine will be automatically cut. Older competition boats which do not have a Kill Switch fitted through design are exempt.
  1. Members should respect the property and leave the area tidy. The site has natural beauty; do not defile it by leaving litter.
  2. Noise abatement is important. If in the opinion of any two Committee Members any boat is considered to be noisy, the noise level will need to be measured from the car park to ensure that the level is not above 70dB. Boats which fail the dB test will not be allowed on the water until satisfactory modifications have been made to reduce the noise.
  3. Do not site your barbecue so that other members suffer from your smoke.
  4. Fishermen contribute towards the existence of our skiing facilities. Respect their rights to fish and always give them ample clearance.  If there is a problem and their line is snagged by the boat or skier, apologise to the fisherman and note the problem in the club log.
  5. Members should clear the slipway as quickly as possible to allow other members to launch, recover their boats or allow skiers to finish.
  6. Parking of cars and trailers are permitted only in the Club car Park. Cars are not to be parked on the sloping bank or outside the gate.
  7. Wednesdays are bookable via email for exclusive use, on payment of an additional fee set by the committee. Bookable days must be booked at least one week in advance. In these cases the club members will be notified by email that the lake is closed on these days.
  8. The club members are expected to and be willing to contribute their time for up to 2 days/evening of community service to promote waterskiing/wakeboarding at the club (i.e. training of scouts, youth groups, rotary etc).
  9. All club members must be willing to contribute effort and time to keep the club in a suitable state of repair. The committee will nominate work days for this.
  10. All club members should take their rubbish home, the last member leaving the club house is to check that no rubbish is left, all lights are out and should remove all plugs (except fridge), tidy up and clean the toilets and common areas. Ensure that all the clubhouse doors, barriers and gates are locked.